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burn black astrology with the zine witch


"My readings from Bee have always been incredibly affirming. They have predicted so many of my major life events- even before I thought they were myself possible. I have used them to have great elections for my business for over two years and highly recommend them to everyone!"

-Michelle Williams

"My reading was crazily and specifically accurate. Bee's knowledge of Astrology and Human Design is advanced and in depth. She answered all my questions and sent me links to articles to help me understand some of the more complex and highly specific concepts that came up in the reading. Bee is amazing!!" - Donni Davy, Head of Special FX on HBO's Euphoria and the film Moonlight

"Bee is kind, compassionate, and thorough. Her reading was absolutely spot on and helped me identify and reassess  multiple aspects of my life at the time that seemed like impossible dead ends. Not to mention the fact that she seemed to predict that I was on the verge of beginning a medical transition, something I had only discussed with a handful of people, none of whom would have spoken with her beforehand. Felt reaffirming to be given that information." - Colin Hagendorf, Author of Slice Harvester, Random House

"My reading was super interesting and hit the nail on the head with stuff I don't even talk about with my friends!" -Sydney Leathers

"Thank you so much for the reading. It really resonated with me and it was full of insight and revelations!" - Erin M. Riley, @erinmriley, Artist

"I had an amazing Human Design reading from Bee. Bee will be a great therapist one day!" -Sara Benincasa, Television Writer, Public Speaker, and Comedian

"Bee's reading was insightful and eye opening and highly recommended!" - Jamie Chambers, Food Critic, Chicago

"I had been into astrology for some time and had wanted to get a birth chart reading for awhile. Im just on the surface understanding the bare minimums of it all but Bee was super helpful and really engaging as to what reading would be best for me. Her turnaround is SUPER fast and I was excited to see what I would get. She hit the nail on everything. I had been interested in the occult for some time and first thing she said was “wow you have tons of dark planets in your 8th house.” I’m like YES! THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL! She also taught me about my midheaven, included tons of info and links to help further my exploration into my chart. She touched into my nodes and how they were helping and hindering me. She gave me a detailed forecast for the year along with very detailed specifics about me even though we are complete strangers. I also really have to compliment her on her willingness to engage even afterwards. A lot of times after a reading, i still have tons of questions and she was able to not only answer those but she seemed genuinely interested in just helping me. She also gave me info about synastry charts and progressed charts and my mind is BLOWN. I will be going back and forth to this reading for a long time now and cannot wait to do more with her."-Desiree Frederickson, Keto Culinary Artist @Ketoassbih 

"I have always been intrigued by Human Design, but had never found the right person to do a reading, so I’m super happy that I found Bee and was finally able to do it! The information she provided for me really helped me to understand more about myself and how I worked. I was given insight about how to treat myself and what my strengths are. It was a truly magical experience." -Alexandra, Owner of Acid Queen Jewelry

"Look up magic in the dictionary and there should be a photo of Bee and an itemized list of all the magic she has brought into my life over the years looking at my charts. She truly cares about what she does and most importantly loves teaching others about it. She is warm, affectionate, caring, but raw and real in her delivery. She tells me the things I am scared to tell myself and even woke me up to a bunch of things I failed to see. She is my favorite astrologer/healer in town."-Jen, Chicago

"Bee has been reading my chart for YEARS. I have such profound understanding of my relationships and how I am wired because of their ability to break things down for me. They led me to so many resources so I could start developing my own astrological skills and knowledge I now share with everybody in my life. They also gave me excellent recommendations for self help books and podcasts that were suited to my own personal wiring and healing my wounds." - Jeremy White 

"I can say with confidence, that since I became more astrologically in tune from Bee, my life has changed for the positive. When she reached out about my sun, rising, and moon I was instantly intrigued. The info she shared with me was very eye opening and soul nourishing. Without oversharing, I’d just like to personally say I was thankful for our conversation, as it came to me unexpectedly, yet at a time it was needed. Team Bee for life." -Chris Wong, Photographer, Memphis

"Bee has such a natural talent for reading charts, but what makes their business so amazing is their passion. I had my chart read over the phone and I could literally hear their smile and happiness radiate. They truly want to help people using their charts and it shows. There was SO much accuracy in my chart, but one that really struck me was that I needed a job change, and that it was coming soon. I had been depressed at my workplace for the past few months, after 2.5 years of being there. After I had my chart read, I found a new job that is perfect. I highly recommend Burn Black!" -Sarah, Realtor, Laguna Niguel, California 

"Bee's reading was so in depth and she went super above and beyond what I was expecting! The reading led me to a lot of self reflection and I feel more in tune with different parts of myself now. I really appreciate how thoroughly she explained the houses and aspects and how she sent me. Also she followed up by sending more videos and articles to read about my chart, they are super helpful in furthering my understanding! I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in learning more about themselves! xoxo" -Julie Wernick, Chicago

"Okay, so this is wild. But, I did a synastry chart with Bee for various members of my family and it felt like a god damn therapy session. We spoke for an hour about how to navigate the relationships in my life and what the main problems were- then we created a plan of action. I can honestly say I understand both my sister and mother now in ways I never could before and apply these crucial things I have learned now into our daily life. We argue a lot less. I hold a less anger in my heart overall. It's wild astrology could teach me that but it did. Bee rules and is great at what she does."-Taylor, Photographer, New York City

"Aside from being a Capricorn, I never really understood astrology. To be honest, I like the idea of it but I have always been massively skeptical of this sort of thing. But, what was cool about Bee's reading is that she genuinely loves to teach people how to understand their own chart and does so in a way that did not make me feel confused or stupid in any way. I learned so much like my chart is constantly evolving as I grow. I learned about different phases of my life and what to expect. She made me ask myself the right questions I needed to asking- in what felt like a therapy session. I can't wait to see her again soon. I am such a fan."-Jessica, Philadelphia

"Bee and I have never met before, but she had my personality/life experiences exactly correct! I’m a fixer, I’m insecure about my ability to take care of myself but found myself way happier when I was relying 100% on myself, even though I was no longer in a relationship. My purpose being to come into my power and be selfish about myself, absolutely the same thing I get from tarot readings! And how I fall in love with potential... I always look for the good in people and overlook the things that aren’t so great. We talked about right now being a crucial time for me as I am approaching my Jupiter Returns (oh has it!) and calling in my future husband..."-Diana, Michigan

"I was fortunate enough to get some assistance in reading my astrology chart for some guidance from Bee. Based on the info I gave, Bee told me things that shocked me. They were accurate, it cleared things up for me, as if I was on one side of a window and now I am on the right one. I look forward to getting a full reading from Bee to really learn more about myself and how to apply the info given to my everyday life. "-Alicia Rodriguez 

"Bee did my natal chart and was very prompt, professional and thorough. I was extremely pleased with the specifics of the chart reading! I found it extremely interesting and she was very on the nose with aspects of my personality I never considered. She comes HIGHLY recommended! Have her do your chart!"-Barrie C, Podcast Host of Generic Insight, Brooklyn 

"Your initial reads of my natal chart and also all subsequent interpretations have always been spot on and have helped me to understand myself much better. When feelings or emotions seem unjustifiable, your insight has helped me to see not only why I react to certain events happening in my life, but also why those things are happening to me at that time. Its often terrifyingly accurate but your deep understanding of it has helped me in so many ways."-Lauren Rowe, Kansas City, MO

"Reading my charts along with the person who I’m seeing’s was incredibly accurate. Having known nothing about this person, Bee still managed to tell me things I already knew and not in a vague, generic sort of way- but spot on. I was skeptical of astrology prior- but over time she has been on point every time we had a session."-Stephen Edwards, New Jersey

"Bee got me building on my own astrological curiosity. She taught me a ton. She totally pointed me in the right direction and always illuminate new things I haven't noticed yet in my chart. And taught me basic vernacular and aspects to read my own chart accurately which has done wonders for my life and my mental health."-Kim Johnson, Pennsylvania 

"I tell this story often but Bee immediately asked me how my physical health was while doing a reading via text. She could not hear my tone of voice but said the first thing that stuck out in my transits was a brief health concern and that I was prone to illness at that time. I seriously I got a yucky cold two days later that still has not completely gone away! Her advice over the years has been priceless and always on point."-Reagan K, DNA Galleries, Oklahoma