Booking for August 2024
burn black astrology with the zine witch

Autistic Meltdown Peer Support


As an autistic adult, if there is one thing I know it’s meltdowns. They are not easy but over the years I’ve learned to build my toolbox!

This session is one hour or can be broken into 2 30 minutes sessions. In this session, it is about you. I am a great listener, and I will provide as much peer support as possible, and a listening and empathetic ear. I love co-regulating and talking special interest stuff!

If appropriate, I will suggest transits that could be the cause for this meltdown’s themes and try to spot astrological patterns to help you as we meet more often! I can also offer reiki, cleansing work, and tarot or oracle card assistance where possible.

I reserve time in the evenings each month for these calls.