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Best Seller: Forever After: 60 minute Love and Compatibility Reading Video or Recorded


Synastry, Davison, and Composite readings for a relationship in your life.

Wondering why the two of you butt heads and how to communicate better? Wondering what the major issues in your relationship might be? Wondering how to channel better communication with your partner? Starting a new relationship and scared about falling into negative patterns? Wondering if your connections are going somewhere? Where your love life is heading? This is a huge reading! I will provide you the context of both you and your partner's synastry and also do a composite chart of your relationship. We will look at current transits to gauge what’s going on and peep at your Davison chart while we are in there. Finally, I will provide you with the major aspects which cause both disruption and the areas of life that bring you together. This is great for romantic relationships, business partnerships, or families.

You will be emailed within 48 hours to schedule your appointment. If you need to reschedule your appointment, I require 24 hour notice. If you miss your appointment, you will still be charged for your session.