Booking for August 2024
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Saturn E-Book


Things you will learn in my new 100+ page e-book “Working with Saturn Transits: Ancient & Modern Techniques”

✨How to look up where Saturn is transiting in your chart right now & the aspects it is making to your personal planets for beginners
✨What to anticipate when Saturn transits each astrological house
✨What to expect when Saturn transits each planet in your chart
✨Spellwork to master Saturn’s lessons & spiritual cleansing techniques
✨Stories of Saturn transits in the lives of some of today’s most interesting pop culture icons to give shape to your journey
✨Ancient Kabbalistic techniques to work with Saturn’s energy
✨What body parts to keep an eye on during Saturn transits
✨Working with the Saturn mudra during trying times
✨Tarot spreads for Saturn transits plus journal prompts and major questions that lead to catharsis for big Saturn transits